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Methodist Church Prays with President of Sierra Leone

Apr 15, 2008, 6:31 AM | Article By: With Augustine Kanjia

The president of Sierra Leone on his recent state visit concluded by thanking God at the Methodist Church at Serrekunda. A born Weslyan himself, President Ernest Bai Koroma thanked God for leading his country and not colours. He has stressed working for the country as a president and remains committed to this idea. He appreciates the welcome given to him by Gambians and the Sierra Leonean refugees in The Gambia. Rev. Norman Grigg talks on the Shepherd and the sheep in line with the readings from the Holy Bible.

Many worshippers including members of the Sierra Leone community in The Gambia converged at the Trinity Methodist Church to praise God with their president who gave their heart desires through Christian songs. The highlight came when a mixture of Sierra Leonean Christians gathered to sing earth-moving religious, with truly heart rendering songs, especially the Pledge of Sierra Leone. There was joy for the Sunday worship but was doubled with the presence of President Koroma who is seen as their saviour by the many promised restoration of hope they hear from him. But the stress of change of ATTITUDE is paramount among all. Many Muslims attended the service to grace the occasion.

In his sermon, Rev. Norman Grigg, the Methodist Superintendent of The Gambia told a short story in line with the feeding of the sheep. Talking on the readings said in the days of Jesus the shepherd kept the sheep safe by closing the gate. All are equal in the sight of God. He says, "A door has two ways one to go in the other to go out, you go in and you go out. No Christian should be a church bound person."

Rev. Norman Grigg further said that John Chapter 10 talks about protection and it couldn't be understood without reflectively reading Ezekiel Chapter 43. He told a story to emphasize his points saying, "There was a an Evangelist who asked a man, what do you do for God? I am a baker he said I make bread, mold the flour and bake it beautifully. This is what I do for God."  Rev. Norman Grigg then said, "You see every body has a little to do for God it does not matter what it is."

"A designation of a shepherd is the designation of a ruler and a leader. It is a real test of our Christian faith. The church is the only organisation that exists for those that are not its members." Rev. Norman Grigg said. He reiterated the work the Methodist church undertakes in The Gambia, including education, Agriculture and medical. "Christians should live a life of service as every sheep has a shepherd."

In another story, Rev. Norman Grigg said: "There was an actor that was asked to recite Psalm 23. He recited it quite well with all punctuation, enunciation and clear accent. Every one clapped. Then and old priest recited it with less enunciation, punctuation, and all. But the congregation burst into tears at hearing the old priest recite the same Psalm. The actor was asked as to why people cried at hearing the old priest recite the same Psalm? The actor then said, "I know the shepherd and the old priest knows the sheep."

In his acceptance speech, President Ernest Bai Koroma said, "Society is collapsing. We need to offer prayers and build a strong challenge. I will urge the congregation on behalf of President Jammeh to continue offering prayers for this country and pray for Sierra Leone. "We are going through challenges, with your prayers it would not be insurmountable.

The Methodist Mission presented 'Methodist material' as a gift to President Koroma. A Wesleyan Pastor from Sierra Leone said the people of Sierra Leone in the 70s said "If fet nor be na Salone e nor go betteh." He thanked all and urged for prayers to make Salone a better country. Most of his Ministers were present in the church.