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Mending broken ties

Feb 7, 2017, 10:37 AM

The initial move and statement by the new foreign minister to meet with the heads of missions and diplomats in The Gambia sends some good signals.

“We will mend broken ties and deepen our cooperation with all of you, and urge your governments to resume development cooperation with the new government as it embarks on the task of socio-economic transformation,” the message of the foreign minister says.

It is, indeed, essential that broken ties and severed relations by the Jammeh regime are mended.

Some of the ties and relations destroyed by the Second Republic have caused serious harm in various walks of life and, indeed, the whole nation and the economy.

For instance, the Commonwealth pullout by The Gambia under Jammeh’s regime has affected many people and sectors of the country, such as education and scholarships, military cooperation, and the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council chapter in The Gambia, an environmental protection-related initiative, among other pertinent areas the Gambian nation was benefiting from the Commonwealth club.

Also international Rating standard for attracting substantial foreign investment was dented, causing giant investors to be shying away from The Gambia.

Therefore, this situation needs frantic efforts to get it mended as soon as possible, as the new government embarks on the task of socio-economic development.

The youths need jobs, the economy needs to be fully engaged and the country needs serious investments in its productive sector, so that there are industries on the ground that can produce what we sell as a nation to generate income and foreign exchange, that would keep the economy competing  and the country positively progressing.

Although it has been stated that broken ties will be mended, it will be essential, therefore, that words are translated into action.

“Never above you. Never below you. Always beside you.”

Walter Winchell

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