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Gamtel/Gamcel trounce Interior in volleyball league

Aug 12, 2015, 12:11 PM

Under new coach Lamin Suwareh Gamtel/cel have continued their dominance in the 2015 National Volleyball league after beating interior 3-0 ( 25-16, 25-20, 25-23) to extend their grip in the title race.

Gamtel/cel started intensely with impressive spikes from Sanu Secka who stood out to be his team top scorer.

Gamtel/cel who, like their opponents, had prolific players of fast and persuasive attacking options, were an endless danger throughout the first set. It took them 20 minutes to complete the first set with a striking 25-16 points.

Interior’s coach Ebrima Nyass made slight changes at the break, though his side returned for the second set with transformed persistence and immediately scored 6 points without any response from the opponents via Assan Jallow and Sainey Singhateh much to the amusement of the handful onlookers.

Sanu Secka kept the clean sheet and denied Interior from level-pegging winning the second set 25-20.

The telecom giants almost fell in the 3rd set. The hosts produced a cutting-edge start with individual brilliance and great defensive display, for all the hosts’ imposing play, a warning was supplied; it prompted an instant response from Gamtel/cel’s technical side and Coach Suwareh called for a timeout, after which Gamtel/cel sailed on to win the set at 25-23 and the game ultimately.

In the female league the Interior women were leading 2-1 when the match was called off as a result of poor lighting system and the rescheduled date has not been determined.