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Mayor Faal funds 2012 Banjul Nawetaan registration

Jun 18, 2012, 2:27 PM

Banjul City Council under the leadership of Hon. Samba Faal, Lord Mayor of Banjul, has decided to pay for the registration fees of all the Nawetaan qualifying rounds Banjul Nawetaan teams and the Nawetaan Proper teams.

This benevolent gesture is geared towards fostering social harmony and unity as well as instilling the spirit of fair play in Banjul youths.

In this vein, he has called for the lifting of the ban on all teams i.e. Ajax, Greenhouse, Kerr gi et el by ensuring the unity of the Banjul football family.  As such, all players are expected to comport themselves with respect, discipline and humility, as any indiscipline or rude behaviour during the Nawetaan will result to heavy disciplinary measures.

Also all Qualifying Rounds Nawetaan teams must fulfill the following:

All registration should be made at MSTE before the deadline of Friday, 22 June 2012. No late registration will be accepted; teams must submit a registration list of 25 players and 5 officers with two passport size pictures for registration.

Any team found to be resident outside of Banjul will be disqualified with immediate effect without refund. There is no deregistration of players after the registration has been submitted;

All players under suspension must pay a fine of D500 before they are qualified to play and all payments are to be submitted to the Secretary General for verification.