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Marking International Youth Day

Aug 13, 2012, 10:59 AM

August 12 each year is marked as UN International Youth Day focusing on a specific theme. The theme for this year: “Building a better world: partnering with youths”.

The day provides yet again another unique opportunity to draw attention to the plight of young people, and work towards addressing their challenges

Engaging young people and working with youth in all stages of our development process is very essential for sustainable growth.

Youths across the world have their human rights being continuously violated and are marginally involved in the decision making process.

We, therefore, call on the government, private sector and civil society in general to work together to increase opportunities for youth of all categories.

We salute all those organisations and networks which took part in this year’s International Youth Day celebration in any form.

We encourage such organizations to continue creating awareness and advocacy on the plight of young people, especially the marginalized and disadvantaged youths across the country.

Our youths like others in many parts of the world, need support and care and more efforts are needed to move them out of poverty.

Creating more employment opportunities and entrepreneurship skills among our youth is essential to enable them live meaningful lives.

 We challenge all institutions in the country to do more for the Gambian youths to enable them achieve their objectives and life aspirations.

Our youth need more loans to start their own small businesses; more training opportunities; respect for their rights and so on.

Since young people are our future, their plights and welfare must be a top priority for all, especially the government.