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Malaria is a public health concern

Aug 4, 2011, 2:00 PM

As we now enter the rainy season, people have to protect themselves from malaria.

This is a peak period when most of the people suffer from malaria, and the most vulnerable people are children under five years and pregnant women.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has to embark on community sensitization about the disease, and make sure that all the hospitals are supplied with anti-malarial drugs.

The Gambia has done a lot in malaria control and prevention, especially in the distribution of insecticide-treated bed-nets to the population.

It is among the countries that are on the verge of meeting the Abuja target.

However, there is still room for improvement.

Malaria is a cause for concern in Africa, as it is a major killer disease.

However, the government has to increase the health budget in order to meet the needs of the health sector.

We have to understand that health is a cross-cutting issue.

It should be every body’s business; and should not only be left in the hands of the government. Everybody has a role to play.

Health is a fundamental human right, and so every government should be ready to invest heavily towards the development of this important sector.

The Gambia should be commended for investing in the health sector.

The government has built alot of hospitals in the country, and the new university is also able to produce young Gambian doctors, who are now serving in the major hospitals.

The health sector is critical to the development of any nation; therefore it should be given the due attention it deserves.

We have to ensure that our communities are free from malaria.

This can only be done, among others, if people use the insecticide-treated mosquito nets, on a regular basis.