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Magal touba

Feb 4, 2010, 2:24 PM

Hundreds of thousands of Muslims from The Gambia and across the globe yesterday converged in the holy city of Touba, for yet another commemoration of the departure of Sheikh Ahmadou Bamba Mbacké into exile, the founder of the Mouride brotherhood.

Commonly known as "Magal" (to pay tribute, celebrate, or magnify in the Wolof dialect), the annual religious gathering in Touba, is considered as an occasion for thanksgiving to Allah the Almighty.

In the early years of independence, the holy city was a small town in the middle of a dense forest. But today, it has all the facilities found in major cities: banks, telecommunications, water, electricity and, of course, commercial activities.

This place of worship, the most impressive of sub-Saharan Africa, cost billions of CFA francs. It is the symbol as well as the centre of gravity of the holy city. The great library which has thousands of religious, scientific and Arab grammar books is visited by researchers from all over the world.

Several people from The Gambia do join their fellow brotherhood in Senegal for the annual Magal.

As it is always an occasion where many people gather,we urge the Senegalese government to put in place more security measures come next year to reduce the death toll of worshipers as a result of stampede.


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