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Rape still a problem

Feb 17, 2012, 1:34 PM

The issue of rape still seems to be a serious problem in the country with, even some very old men involved in the crime.

Just last Tuesday the Special Criminal Court in Banjul convicted and sentenced a man to a ten-year mandatory jail term with hard labour for rape.

However, despite these severer laws, the matter of men, especially elderly persons, forcing themselves on minors is apparently on the increase.

Rape is said to be the crime of forcefully having sex with someone against his or her wishes. This inhumane activity is usually committed against the weaker sex – females - or the girl-child.

Most often, those who perpetuate this evil act on innocent girls are those very close to them  or could have them as daughters.

To us rape is one of the most inhuman acts perpetrated on girls, and should stop sooner than later.

The sexual satisfaction that one could get from sleeping with a minor is a big question to us, even though we see it happening all the time.

We must emphasize that there should be no mercy on rapists, since their actions create an everlasting effect on their victims.

These barbaric action should not be condone at all, since it takes away the dignity and pride of our innocent girls.

We urge partners also to control their kids and monitor their movements, and to teach them ways and means of saying no to potential rapists.

Can you imagine a 50-year-old man jumping on a 12-year-old girl? This is unbelievable!

It’s imperative to note that, most of the time, these culprits are those that are entrusted with the care of these kids.

They hardly do it with their own daughters, but someone else’s daughter. This is unfair.

Over the years, the courts have done a good job with regard to rape, and we must commend them for always punishing the culprits to the letter.

We must get rid of this menace in a decent manner.

Parents and communities in general must all serve as their own police officers, thus helping the police to trace any cases of this nature.

Landlords must also report any suspected cases of rape to the nearest police station for further investigation.