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Feb 3, 2020, 5:26 PM

Hello I’m Adrian Martin, I have been helping in the Gambia for 2 years now. Making amputees walk again. I have just returned from Gambia after helping 7 guys with prospetic legs .they are getting there legs on Monday from Gabi at Banjul hospital. I am also trying to bring aid in for the fire service. I met the interior minister before I left.who encouraged me to help your country and said he will help as much as possible. I think it’s time this hit the papers in the Gambia to let people know u are not alone if you are an amputee and you are not a cripple..plz if your interested in following my story get in touch...this will be in UK papers and itv.

I am also an amputee. And have lots off pics of my work in the Gambia.. Thank you Adrian Martin.