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Letter to the Editor

Sep 3, 2009, 8:28 AM

"Kick A Ball And Become A Millionaire"

To all my friends in the Gambia. This humble old man has been watching coverage of the World Championship from the Olympics Stadium in Berlin.

The great athlete of this championship Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay, Phillips I down, Christine Ohuruoge  are marking history and our own Fatou Tiayana  from the Gambia who ran 12.20 seconds in the 100 meters at these games.

With respect my fellow Gambians there is more to life than football. We have young men and women striving to compete in the London Olympics of 2012. They have put their hearts, soul and prayers to show the flag our flag to the world, they need our support.

During the last twelve months two things have saddened me, one an army general has been put in charge of the Olympic Committee, because our young footballers won an African championship.

There is a Minister in charge of Youth and Sports within the government, who most mornings before prayers runs to Senegambia and back to his house in Brufut. This man is physically fit and dedicated to give the youths of our country support to win medals at the next Olympics. Why was he overlooked?

My next and second thought is this, with respect to our President in his wisdom gave D1, 000,000 to every member of a football team and others involved. This to a humble man sends out messages to the youths of the Gambia on the wrong wavelength, kick a football, win an African championship, you will become a millionaire

Surely, if the Gambia wishes to become a world leader in West Africa, money should be given to generate employment for the youths of our country. This will encourage them to open up a new business of  their own, which in turn will provide the much needed employment for school children, who through their parent's sacrifice has kept them at school to become the future leaders of the country's industry, farming and offshore fishing.

Government is there to govern and balance the books for all the people of the Gambia.

Derek Annable

Mount View