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Let's Work Together for Gambia

Feb 23, 2009, 7:41 AM

We here in The Point received a very encouraging letter on the 17th of February this year. It was from the University of The Gambia Students Union thanking us for the  service we provided to them during their recent fund raising programme. We wish to state here and now that this facility is open to the union at any time. We also pledge every support to the union that we can muster. These wonderful vibrant, intelligent young people are the future of The Gambia and will be the future leaders and lawmakers of our nation and we look forward to the contribution to our national development. The students are not alone in the contribution they can make so we state here and now that our doors are open to all who deserve it. We will continue to strive for the good of The Gambia by contributing not only to national development but to the causes of press freedom and human rights. We at The Point want only the best for this great nation and will work hand in glove with any person or organization who wishes the same. Together moving forward on the path to development we can attain great things and be a shining beacon to our brothers and sisters not only in the sub-region but all over the great continent of Africa.