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Let's respect each others' views

Jun 3, 2011, 1:41 PM

It is good in a country that every citizen exercises his/her civil and political rights, yet people have to know that every right goes with a responsibility.

All of us know that this year is an electioneering year in The Gambia, and therefore we are calling on all the political parties to exercise patience during the campaign period, in the presidential and National Assembly elections, and to behave well.

This is a time the politicians should be busy selling their party manifestoes to the electorate rather than being confrontational, because at the end of the day this will pay dividends.

One thing politicians should avoid is using abusive language against each other; instead they should inform people about the national developmental aspirations they have for the nation.

The electorate have to understand that power belongs to them; so they should not allow politics to divide them.

We call on people to respect each other's views, as this is the only way a country can achieve true democracy.

Elections will come and go, but people will also remain the same. Divided we fall, united we stand.

All political parties have a role to play in nurturing the peace that the country is known for. We have to act as role models so that our followers will follow suit.

The parties have to use different media to sell their party agenda to the people to the best of their ability.