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Let’s promote year-round tourism!

Oct 31, 2019, 11:56 AM

Annually, millions of people travel abroad, according to the United Nations World Tourism Organization.

Since the commencement of this year’s winter season, the country has received more guests and more are still on the arrivals’ list. Let’s welcome these visiting guests with smiles and show them why The Gambia is truly called the Smiling Coast. 

Nowadays, many countries have turned tourism into a pillar of economic growth. For instance, countries whose export-oriented economy has been hit by weak global demand,are pushing tourism as an engine of growth, pouring resources to develop infrastructure and train workers for the travel and tourism industry.

In the recent past, government of The Gambia is one country committed to increasing its arrival numbers, thereby embarking on aggressive promos so as to promote the country as a year-round destination. The sector is the second source of income for many locals aside agriculture.

Tourism is the financial hub for many countries in the world because they earn tons of dollars every year. The other factor is to promote our cultural norms and heritage to the outside world.

For instance, London is regarded to be best city in the world that attracts many travellers every year and one of the leading cities in world most visited by travellers.

The World Tourism Organization describes tourism as the greatest movement of people in pursuit of leisure and is one of the highest-grossing industries.

Research is required to understand how to harness the benefits while avoiding the disadvantages associated with tourism.

The sector is a big business worldwide and accounts for 30% of global trade revenues in services. In a nutshell, many benefits from various services in the sector, such as transportation, accommodation, hospitality, and entertainment. Clearly, the sector is a significant part of global economic activity, and it would be to Gambia’s great advantage to harness the existing opportunities, thereby promoting Destination Gambia on the global stage.

There is need for authorities to focus on quality tourism if we intend to be a popular destination for tourists seeking quality.

The new government has not relented on its laurels by embarking on aggressive campaigns all geared towards promoting Destination Gambia. But more still needs to be done.

In order to boost the number of tourists, it is essential to carry out aggressive promo and marketing strategies to increase arrivals numbers. And this calls for the involvement of the private sector if the sector is to register any meaningful development. Also, we need to build the necessary infrastructure, which could accommodate more tourists, and to promote the country as a holiday paradise for visitors.

‘‘Tourism is our second biggest industry in terms of the people it employs.’’

Ed Rendell