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Let's Have More of the Same!

Dec 29, 2008, 6:11 AM

Well done to Trust Bank who have shown once again that although a money making institution they also have the best interests and well being of the people of The Gambia at heart. We refer of course to the wonderful contribution the bank has just made to the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital. Their latest contribution has been the refurbishment of the Sanatorium of that institution at a cost of D70, 000. The Bank, which has over the years been in the forefront of demonstrating its corporate social responsibility by dedicating generously from its profit to nation building,namely in the areas of sports, education  and health sectors, also sponsored the construction of the Sanatorium few years ago and has recently refurbished the Leman Street Clinic in Banjul with the sole aim of contributing their quota to national development.

While this alone would be lauded by all if it was the sole contribution made by an institution to the people of the nation, Trust Bank has not stopped their in contributing to national development. The bank also made a contribution of D50,000 to the organising committee of the just concluded National Youth Conference and Festival (NAYCONF).

Speaking at the handing over of the keys at a ceremony held at the Sanatorium, the General Manager of Banking, Trust Bank, Mr. Oreme Joiner, said it is a tradition for Trust Bank to share their profit with the Gambian people especially in the health sector. He revealed that Trust Bank has spent over a million Dalasi's on The Gambia's health sector alone.

"We have refurbished the sanatorium for over D994, 500 in the health sector this year, with another D70, 000 for the refurbishment of the kitchen, toilet and the dinning room for the sanatorium", he said.

According to Mr. Joiner, Trust Bank is also sponsoring Business coalition for HIV/AIDS, AFPRC hospital in Farafenni, Gamblood and Bakoteh Multi Purpose Centre.

Mr. Saihou Janneh, deputy permanent secretary at the Department of State for Health, expressed his delight in Trust Bank for their support to the health sector. He called on other stakeholders to emulate Trust Bank.

We join with Mr. Janneh in asking all those in the private sector to follow the wonderful example set by Trust Bank. We also thank that institution for the continuing contribution it is making to the socio-economic life of The Gambia.