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Let’s give thanks and praises

Jul 20, 2015, 9:30 AM

We have had a fruitful and blessed holy month of Ramadan.

For a good 29 to 30 days we have fasted and enjoyed the protection, provision and guidance of the Almighty Allah, who has given us the life, strength and energy to fast throughout this period.

He has also given us peace and tranquility to ensure that we live in harmony, unity, love and oneness, throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

By the grace of Allah, we have been able to also crown the month of Ramadan with a blissful and enjoyable Edul Fitr (Koriteh).

For this and many more we should as a nation give profuse thanks and praises to theAlmighty God, for He has always been good and loving to us.

We should continue to thank God for the peace and tranquility that we have been enjoying in this country, as well as for His provision of food, life and good health.

We should thank God for the peace because our country has been free from war and violence, more so that we are living and worshiping together, despite various ethnic, and religious groups in our country.

Our nation has been calm and quiet even to the envy of others in the region and the world. Therefore, we should continue to pray for us to be peaceful, to be in peaceful coexistence, and for us to be at peace with the world.

Tranquility as been the order of the day in this country, and for which we should thank God.

We should, therefore, continue to thank Him for His mercies, compassion, love, wisdom, direction, and goodness to humanity. Let’s give Him thanks and praises all the time, for His mercies and goodness endure forever.