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Let’s give a helping hand

Sep 19, 2016, 10:01 AM

(Issue, Friday, 16, September 2016)
The National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA) has rolled out another initiative calling on all and sundry, especially members of the private sector, NGOs, and philanthropists to give a helping hand to our compatriots who have so far severely suffered from bad weather condition in the light of this year’s rains and windstorms.

The Agency yesterday held what it called Partners’ Briefing at the UN Library room at Cape Point in Bakau to brief partners in national development on the current situation regarding the loss and havoc wreaked on some of our communities, and lives, across the country due to the torrents of rain and windstorms experienced so far this raining season.

The heavy downpour of rains on Monday 22 August 2016, specifically, “has affected many people” and caused “severe damages” to some houses and community structures.

“Several households are affected and are without secured housing due to unavailability of alternative accommodation in some communities,” the NDMA has said, adding that some individuals have had health issues as a result of collapsed structures falling on them. “North Bank Region has registered one death,” the agency said.

This threatening situation to lives and livelihoods warranted the NDMA to convene a convergence of partners to brief them on the current situation caused by heavy downpour of rains with intermittent windstorms, which has affected more than 4000 people across the country this season.

The NDMA, which has quantified the cost of salvaging the situation as standing in the region of D50 million, is therefore seeking collaboration and support from partners in national development to give a helping hand to disaster victims across the country.

We are therefore subscribing to this call for support from the disaster management agency to meeting the dire needs of our compatriots across the country.

We should always be our brother’s keeper, and more over the rains - in our African traditional proverb - do not fall or pour on the door of a single person, but on all and sundry , and at different occasions most times.

So let’s give a helping hand to others.

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.”

Steve Maraboli

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