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Let's Follow Our Neighbours Good Example

Apr 22, 2008, 6:53 AM

Our neighbours in Senegal have set us a wonderful example. Reuters is reporting that President Abdoulie Wade last Friday announced an ambitious food plan that will see the country be self-sufficient by next season. Senegal has of course been among the countries hit by food riots in recent times but this pro-active approach by the government shows that they are taking the problem seriously and moving to prevent further chaos.

Like The Gambia rice is the most important staple in Senegal and to help the people who are struggling to afford their food the Commerce Department fixed a ceiling on the price of rice at 280 CFA francs per KG. This is good governance.

Imagine if we were to be food self-sufficient here in The Gambia. The benefits to the population would be almost too great to quantify. We could take care of ourselves and not have to worry about the soaring cost of food which is pushing so many nations close to the brink of devastation. The Gambian government must take a leaf out of the book of our neighbours in Senegal and begin to formulate a plan to bring The Gambia to the point of food self-sufficiency. They must leave no stone unturned in the battle to save the people of The Gambia from the ravages of hunger and the international food market.