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Let’s fight against armed robbery!

Dec 31, 2019, 3:26 PM

Armed robbery is in the news. In our today’s edition, we ran a story in which armed robbers attacked a bank in Farafenni and made away with over D600,000.

The recent armed robbery in this North Bank metropolis is not only appalling, but certainly paints a bad picture of the current security of the country. We need to join forces to root out violent armed robbery in the country.

Armed robbery is terrible social phenomenon that no one would ever have imagined could rear its ugly head in the country. It is a serious problem in the rural Gambia for several years, but the increased deployment of security personnel has help addressed the issue. But it seems like the ugly menace is again resurfacing in parts of North Bank, Central and Upper River regions.

Authorities should act swiftly to eradicate this ugly phenomenon in the country. Gambians must be saved from the bloody hands of dangerous criminals by any means, including the use of the military and perhaps even local vigilante groups.

This recent violent robbery raise question and call for concerted by all to eradicate it. The criminals have become more audacious and are behaving very much like the savages they are. And they are everywhere.

Looking at the nature of materials these armed robbers were equipped with clearly demonstrated brutal nature and that they could even kill to achieve their objectives.

Remember, in this current democratic dispensation there is much to enjoy rather than having to venture into evil and dangerous actions that is meant to inflict pain, harm and steal people’s joy at a time when everyone should be working towards greater national development.

Let’s join hand to make the Smiling Coast of Africa a shining example of peaceful coexistence, tolerance and compassion.

“You can easily die racing to cover a bank robbery as you can in a war zone.”

Jessica Savitch