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Lebanese Community donates Ramadan gifts to Muslims

Aug 13, 2012, 11:20 AM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

The Lebanese Community in The Gambia, through the AHL ALBAIT Islamic Association, yesterday distributed 300 bags of 50kg of rice and 50 bags of 50kg of sugar to Muslims in the country, as part of their annual Ramadan gesture in the country.

Among this year’s beneficiaries were schools, local Muslim charities, Imams and Islamic scholars.

Speaking on the occasion, held at the Lebanese mosque in Pipeline, the Imam of the Lebanese Community, Imam Sheikh Rabitl Farhat, said the annual Ramadan gift is a tradition and a goodwill gesture from the Lebanese community in The Gambia to their Gambian brothers and sisters.

“The organisation usually receives contributions every year from the Lebanese community here to give it out to their fellow Muslims, as an obligation bestowed on them. We were told by the holy Prophet as Muslims to care for one and anther and give out charity to those in need,” he said.

In his earlier address to the beneficiaries, Imam Farhat told them that the gesture was not a charity; rather it was an obligation on them.

He maintains that Muslims should always help, support and care for one another. “Giving is always good, especially during the holy month of Ramadan,” he said.

He told beneficiaries that the donation is not a charity; rather an obligation upon them as Muslims who have the means to help the needy.

According to him, they hold very fast onto the holy Qu’ran’s teaching of caring and extending a helping hand to fellow Muslims.

Speaking on the importance of Ramadan to Muslims, the Lebanese imam used the opportunity to felicitate President Yahya Jammeh and the Gambian people on the feast of Koriteh in advance.

He also preached on unity and mutual understanding among Muslims in the country and beyond, saying peace and unity should be promoted.

Sheikh Kebba Landing Sanneh of the League of Arabic and Islamic Scholars thanked the Lebanese community for the humanitarian gesture, while calling for unity and understanding among all Muslims.

Other speakers on the occasion were Alhagie Ousman Jah, Imam Baba Leigh and Oustass Muhamed Lamin Sanuwo. They all thanked the Lebanese community for the annual gesture.