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Lawyer Mboge continues defence testimony

Jun 21, 2011, 1:37 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

Lawyer L.K. Mboge yesterday continued his defence testimony at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court before acting-Principal Magistrate Taiwo Alagba.

Mboge is being tried on charges of making false documents without authority, false swearing and uttering false documents.

Mboge told the court that he introduced Saikou Barrow to the court process server in order to go and serve the other party, adding that Saikou went and he did not hear from him.

He said Saikou Barrow later called him, and told him that he taught exhibit A was for eviction, adding that what he (Saikou) saw on the motion was an affidavit which he did not sign.

Mboge added that affidavit must go along with motion, adding that Saikou Barrow asked him to go ahead with the motion.

He said that on the following day, Saikou Barrow called the Honourable Minister of Justice on the issue of the motion that he (Mboge) had filed.

Still in his defence testimony, Mboge told the court that later Saikou called him, notifying him that he and his father are no longer going to court over this issue, and asked him to withdraw the motion.

“I told him that the motion was dated, and I could not withdraw it now,” he continued, adding that PW4 at that juncture said he was going to the police for declaration, and told the police that he (Mboge) had filed a false affidavit.

Saikou later told me to go with him to the Attorney General and Minister of Justice for directive. I refused to go to the Attorney General because I was not in charge,” he added.

“I would only go to the Minister when I needed advice from him,” Mboge told the court, adducing that he later received a call from the police, informing him that Saikou Barrow said he (Mboge) had made a false affidavit.

“I also called the Justice Minister to inform him that Saikou had reported the matter to the police, and the Minister told me to return Saikou Barrow’s case file.”

The case continues on 27 June 2011.     
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