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Slow start for Gloucester, others in Banjul nawetaan

Sep 21, 2011, 3:33 PM

The Late Ebou Jammeh FC and Gloucester United and others got off to a slow start in this year’s Banjul Sports Committee’s organized summer championship otherwise called Naweetan, which have seen them succumbed to defeats in their respective matches, as the competition kicked off in fashion.

Accoridng to information gathered by Pointsport from Ebou Faye, secretary general of the Banjul Sports Committee, the later have shown in their last games a total lack of team spirit, which led to them to losing their matches, as a result.

The encounter, Pointsport has learned, also resulted in bitter quarrels and fighting among team officials and their players, notably Gloucester United, which officials have described as something against the tenets of discipline, lack of leadership and team spirit. The secretary general who was really worried and concerned by such actions, called on other participating teams to learn from the experience of these two teams, and to always work so as to maintain a very vibrant team spirit which is one of the signs of success. Meanwhile, the BSC has issued this statement.


The violence conducted by Pa Omar Nyang of Junction Bi Boys by deliberately endangering the life of an opposing player was unacceptable, unpleasant and in breach of all rules governing Nawetaan. As a senior player for his Naweetan team, Nyang failed to manifest the leadership expected of him. His action does not deserve to be part of the Banjul football family. As such, he is expelled from the Nawetaan.


All teams are reminded that the registration of players is closed until the end of the first round, when teams will have the opportunity to register again and register an extra five players. There is no need to enquire from the Committee about registering players as no team will be allowed to register until the end of the first round.  All teams were allow twenty five players and they should manage with the registered players from now on.


The Banjul Sports Committee warns all teams that they must ensure that their charms are applied outside the grounds, which should not interfere with the commencement of matches. Teams have enough time to do whatever they want outside, but not to apply any substance on the grounds. Also, Man City is warned to stop Muhammed Jatta (Abedi) who is a Plumbi UTD player entering the field during their matches to apply whatever substance on the grounds. A recurrence of such will lead to a fine imposed on Man City, and Abedi suspended

“The incident that occurred between Miami and Marcus was totally unacceptable, when both teams refused to enter the field and, instead, had to wait for each other, which led to delay in the commencement of the match. As a result, the referee for that particular game was left with no other option than to reduce the playing time to 30 minutes each half, which is not in accordance of the rules and regulations of the Nawetaan.

“As of now, a fine will be imposed on any team that causes the delay in the commencement of matches,” the message from the committee clearly indicated.