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Latrikunda Sabiji Community Calls on KMC to Intervene

Jul 31, 2008, 6:13 AM | Article By: By Yerro Mballow

The community of Latrikunda Sabiji at Jola Kunda recently expressed their dismay at the behaviour of some people at a recent cleansing exercise. They have called on KMC to intervene and try and ensure that there is greater participation n Set-Setal. The community said that some compound heads, older men, do not respect the practice. They made their remarks in an interview with The Point. They believe that the people in question only consider it their responsibility to clean their own compounds and nothing else.

One girl, who preferred to remain anonymous, said that there is a lot of littering and uncontrolled waste disposal in the area and that this is causing a lot of problems including ill-health and odours in the surrounding areas. Se disclosed that when one strolls through Jola Kunda and the Latriuknda Sabiji Christian Cemetery you can see the waste. She further expressed her frustration at people who do not clean their surroundings on Set-Setal.

One possible solution to the problem in her opinion would be for KMC to visit the area during Set-Setal to observe those not taking part.