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Former Majority Leader Calls For People to be Optimistic Not Pessimistic

Jul 31, 2008, 6:15 AM | Article By: By Alieu Jabang

The former majority leader and member for Upper Fulladu West, Honourable Churchill Falai Baldeh, has called for people to be optimistic in their outlook and not pessimistic.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Point, Mr. Baldeh revealed that he believes most Gambians are pessimistic by nature and always see the negative side of things. He said that if we join our heads together and forget about our differences we can develop small, peaceful Gambia without delay.

According to Mr. Baldeh, no government in the world has met the full needs of her people and so The Gambia is no exception. He was however quick to add that over 60% of our needs are in full force ranging from education, health, agriculture and infrastructural developments. "Yes we may not have performed to our maximum as a government because some of us refuse to contribute our ideas towards certain activities taken by the government but only to criticise," he stated.

The former majority leader believes that the way forward is to join heads together for the betterment of The Gambia and offer politics rather than criticism. He used the opportunity to call on other party leaders to join with the government and share ideas for the well being of our noble Gambia offering Senegal as an example that Gambian leaders should follow.

He finally called on the government to introduce what he called a cross-sector reference system so that different departments can exchange ideas in how to develop and alleviate poverty. He also sought the introduction of a strict monitoring system that would report to the president within a specific time period to correct certain practices within state departments.

Churchill finally congratulated the president on the anniversary of the 22nd of July takeover and the people of Fulladu West for their confidence in him.