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Kuntaur Area Council rehabilitates feeder roads

Aug 24, 2011, 1:05 PM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

Kuntaur Area Council in collaboration with Taiwanese Technical Mission and the local communities recently rehabilitated a 5 km road linking Kuntaur Wharf Town, Wassu and Fulla Kunda in the Niani district Central River Region north.

The exercise, according to officials, was spearheaded by the three communities and supported by Kuntaur Area Council in collaboration with the community development office and the Taiwanese Technical Mission in Kuntaur.

According to Pa Ansu Darboe, the Chief Executive Officer of Kuntaur Area Council, the road rehabilitation project was part of the council’s 2011 budget to facilitate a better road network between the three communities.

He noted that Kuntaur Wharf Town is the central town of the district, and has a major health centre and other government sectors that attract the influx of people on adaily from all parts of the district and beyond.

CEO Darboe made these statements in an interview with this reporter recently.

“These rehabilitated roads would ease the road networking among the commuters in the area”, he added.

The exercise was successful due to the participation of all the communities, councillors, women and youth groups and the Taiwanese Technical Mission, which provided machinery such as caterpillars, bulldozers among others, coupled with the available tractors in the area and fuel by the council for the exercise.

He pointed out that, his council is committed to community development, and is always looking into the welfare of its people, thus complementing the government’s efforts in bringing about sustainable developments for the people of the local government authority.

Highlighting some of the council’s recent development intervention areas, Darboe revealed that his council has rehabilitated a well in the community of Kora at a cost over D16, 000, and a local bridge that links Kaur and Gongoro Tukulor for about D10, 000 among others.

He said that plans are underway to rehabilitate two wells in Upper Saloum and Karantaba in the Sami district.

He went on to say that these developments brought by the council and others such as provision of clean and safe drinking water, student scholarships etc are derived from the rates and taxes collected by the council.

He said that the Kuntaur Area Council has a very low revenue base compared to other councils, and that the only source of revenue for the council is from the rate and taxes collected from daily markets, lumos and the government subvention.

He urged tax payers to pay their rates and taxes on time in order to enjoy meaningful development from the council in return.

The council’s depends on rates and taxes to bring about sustainable development for its people. Darboe added, and commended the Taiwanese Technical Mission and the people of the three communities for taking ownership of their development endeavours within the local government authority.