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Kuntaur Area Council authors blueprint ‘Research Profile’ Document

Jun 4, 2012, 1:32 PM | Article By: Abou Rahman Sallah

A team of Kuntaur Area Council executives led by Dr Ali Gumbo Touray, chairman of Kuntaur Area Council public service commission, has authored a blueprint research document of the council’s profile known as Kuntaur Area Council Profile.

According to officials, the council profiled document is a comprehensive document that can be used by development partners, donors and government agencies in contacting, supporting and even creating awareness about the status of the council.

Speaking in an interview with The Point,  Dr Gumbo Ali Touray,  chairman of the council public service commission, who also initiated the move, said the  document is at its’ final stage, adding that the council would soon launch the document.

According to him, the document “Kuntaur Area Council Profile” is the first of its kind to be authored by a council or municipality in the country.

Other municipalities and councils have started working on theirs after getting tip of information about the Kuntaur Area Council Profile document.

The document, Touray added, will serve as a blueprint for KTR Area Council, as an information booklet to the general public but also a means to convey its development plans and solicit external funding on its identified future projects.

“It is hoped that it will be a means to reach the community, and plans are underway to translate the document into local languages using Arabic alphabet,” he added.

He noted that, Dr Gumbo Touray, the Chairman of Kuntaur Area Council Public Service Commission, decided to introduce a blueprint (comprehensive document) that would take account of the wards the council development agendas. This is what led to the writing of the council’s profile and this will look into structures within the Local Government Authorities economic activities and social responsibilities.

According to him, the document is well a researched document and encompasses the history of the council, the development objectives, the potential desirable community project identified, development assistance needed and proposed new scheme for council to undertake.

Dr. Touray noted that the document profile includes art and culture, youth development scheme, awareness creation for the local community and appendix which gives all communities wards and names of respective Alkalis, list of names of councilors and their contact addresses.

The profile, he stated, has list of all chief executive officers who have served the council; the list of all Lumos (rural market days) called local markets and their operational days, health service centers, security service stations, car parks locations, school and madarassas within the LGA.

He continued that the list of former and current chiefs in the LGA as well as their tribunal members, adding that the document further identify long , medium and short term projects and their costing.

“This a comprehensive and valuable document for partners and donors and even government as the document clearly spells out all the necessary information about the LGA,” he said, adding that with the document, it is now easy for donors, government agencies and other institutions that want to support the LGA to do so through the document to implement their activities.

Pa Ansu Darboe, chief executive officer of Kuntaur Area Council, said that since the inauguration of the commission they are working tirelessly to ensure Kuntaur Area Council achieve its target desire and some of their duties including appointment, appraisal and disciplining of staff.

“The commission is an independent body in the execution of its functions and shall not take directives from any council staff,” he added, while maintaining that the council shall work hand in glove with the established council committee to ensure smooth running of the council’s activities and functions.

The creation of the commission would complement the efforts of the local council and the ministry to ensure they operate according to the act.

He used the opportunity to thank all his staff for their commitment and dedication to service, without which it would not have been easy, while giving special commendation Dr Gumbo Touray for what he described as the initiator of the blueprint for Kuntaur Area Council.

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