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Kudos To Young Journalists

Sep 18, 2009, 5:42 AM

We joined the board members and other people in congratulating the Young Journalists Association of The Gambia (YJAG) on the occasion of their 2nd anniversary and for holding a successful election.

According to the outgoing Secretary-General, Demba Kandeh, over the past two years the association has registered several achievements, ranging from building the capacity of its members, registration of the association, facilitating recruitment of young graduates into a career in journalism, building partnership, among others.

We once again thanked the young journalists for their achievements, as these success stories could not come overnight, but through strenuous efforts, hard work and dedication, guided by sound leadership practice.

We use this opportunity to encourage you to heed to the advice of the board members, and remain united to your cause.

We also commend the former President, Nfamara Jawneh for the numerous sacrifices he had rendered to the association since its inception, and for upholding YJAG's constitution.

You are indeed a leader with a difference for handing over the mantle of leadership to another person; otherwise it could have been the opposite.

After the election, the newly elected President Assan Sallah thanked the members for the confidence bestowed on him.

He also thanked his predecessor, Jawneh for his selfless sacrifice to the association, describing him as a charismatic leader. This speaks volume of Jawneh's leadership qualities.

Former President Jawneh congratulated the new executive, while assuring them of his fullest support.

He cautioned the new executive to work as a team and within the dictates of the YJAG constitution.

This is very important, if the association is to achieve its set goals. The new executive must strive hard to follow the footstep of the former. You must also work within the confines of the constitution that is to work as an independent body.

It's important that if all organisations emulate YJAG, there will be no leadership problem in their inner circle.

Congratulation also goes to the new executive, thus wishing them best of luck. We believe Mr. Sallah can do it and hope he would measure up to expectations.

Thanks also go to the board members and all those who have one way or other helped the association to be on its footing. Commendations also goes to Independent Election officials in the persons of Ebrima Ceesay, the National Coordinator of Children for Children Organisation, Mr. Abba A.S Gibba, editor of The Point, Abdou Boye, the National Coordinator of the Youth Employment Network and Pater Baldeh of Foroyaa Newspaper, as well as election observers from the GPU.