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Kudos to ChildFund The Gambia

Jul 14, 2009, 5:44 AM

We must first of all congratulate ChildFund The Gambia, formally CCF for their Silver Jubilee celebrations.

It's worth celebrating one's success stories after 25years of existence in a country.

Working with rural communities in the Western Region over the years has no doubt accorded you the opportunity to improve the livelihood of the people, particularly among the children.

Having worked with 900 families by providing support to over 20,000 children, it's by no mistake for you to celebrate your achievements.

It's worth mentioning that some of the sponsored children of ChildFund are now in manning various positions in the country, thus contributing towards the socio-economic development of the country.

While others are still going to school, they are assured of a brighter future courtesy of ChildFund.

It's encouraging to hear the Chairman of ChildFund International Mr. Reuben Phillot saying that the agency would continue to expand and cater for the well-being of the children, especially the deprived and the vulnerable.

This is inspiring and a sign of commitment on their part to complement government's efforts in empowering Gambian children.

ChildFund's approach in working with communities is a step in the right direction.

We must emphasise once again that to ensure sustainability of projects it's vital to involve communities at all stages of development.

NGOs must design, plan and implement with the beneficiaries communities. Do not think for them much more to isolate them.

They know their problems better than any one else, so allow them to partake in the project implementation.

Coming back to ChildFund, having registered so many success stories in the areas of children empowerment, including sponsorship and health care, it is by no mistake you celebrate these achievements.

Nonetheless, we implore on you to continue the good work that you are doing for the country's future leaders.

This will enable them to realise their maximum potential.

For the sponsored children, we encourage you to work hard in school and thus make the best use of the opportunity given to you by your donors.

Remember that when you perform well in school you motivate your sponsor(s) as well.

To the parents, you must continue to play your social responsibilities by encouraging your children to take their learning seriously.

Appreciate the gesture of those who caters for the well-being of your children, considering the fact that without them your child might not have the opportunity to go to school.