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Kudos Nawec

Jan 25, 2016, 9:54 AM | Article By: The Point

It has been observed with satisfaction that the national electricity and water provider, Nawec, has been doing well over the past weeks and months.

The erratic and seemingly incessant load shedding has greatly reduced, at least in the Greater Banjul Area including the Kombos. 

Similarly, the days are gone, at least for now, when people used to form refugee-like queues to fetch water or having to cut their sleep around 3a.m. to go to a tap to get water for their daily chores.

Therefore, Nawec deserves a pat on the back for measuring up to expectations in their service delivery. 

The days when things were abnormal – when power outage and water shortage were the order of the day – the whole nation including the press jumped at Nawec. 

The corporation’s low performance was blamed on inefficiency in its operation.

Now that things are getting better, it is incumbent upon us to recognise that fact, because one of the cardinal principles of journalism is giving praise where it is due and condemnation when necessary. 

Nawec is one of the very few parastatals whose services directly affect each and every one of us directly.  Hence any lapse by Nawec affects the entire nation. 

In The Gambia, just like other countries, people depend on electricity for everything, literally.  Electricity is something that people cannot live without in the modern day.  Without it, life will be so much difficult and slow.  So if the institution in charge of that is doing as expected despite several challenges – financial and human resources – then they need to be commended. 

However, Nawec must further tighten its belt, for they have now accelerated to a standard every user of their services is getting used to. 

Therefore, going to the olden days of power shedding or water shortage will be quickly noticed.

The public is ever alert on the performance of the company; any under-performance will warrant explanation and condemnation.

It is hoped that Nawec would maintain and even further improve its performance on the services they render.

Kudos to them as we forge ahead!

“ Keep up the good work.”