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Kombo South Chief Warns Coastal Villagers

Sep 8, 2009, 5:42 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

Alhagie Sheriff Ajay Janneh, the Chief of Kombo South has sent his warnings to the coastal villagers, especially those in Kombo South to keep their children away from what he described as "unnecessary swimming and so-called picnics at the beaches for the sake of saving lives".

This comment was made by the Southern Kombo Chief after a small boy at his teen ages drowned in the sea, but later found alive in the coastal village of Kartong in Kombo South.

"It is the responsibility of us all as concerned Gambians, as members of a particular community and as parents in particular to save and protect the lives of our children at all cost. It is too dangerous and not the least safe for our children to go on picnics or unnecessary swimming into these deep and wide beaches.  We must all strive together to stop our children from going to the beaches for unnecessary picnics and swimming. The sea could be too dangerous sometimes, especially when it is windy and it has some rocks under it. These could result to fatal injuries and untimely deaths,'' Chief Janneh said in an interview with the Point.

According to Chief Ajay Janneh, many people have lost their lives in a similar way.

"It is still on records that many people have lost their precious and valuable lives through these deep and wide seas. Why must we allow our children to go on swimming or unnecessary picnic all by themselves without any guide? This is too risky. We all have to remember that we have a religious and social responsibility to care, protect and support our children to achieve their goals and aspirations," he posited.

"How can you allow your child to go and die recklessly at the sea for no just cause?" he asked.

The Kombo South Chief thanked the Fire Service Rescue teams throughout the country for the good job they have been doing in saving lives. But he was quick to task them not to allow any child or children to swim in these deep and wide seas.

"I will not be fair to myself without thanking and commending the Fire Service Rescue teams, deployed all over the country for their good job of saving lives from these wide and deep seas. I will also like to take this opportunity to call on them not to allow any child or children to swim in this deep and wide sea for the sake of saving lives. I must also say that those who recklessly allow their children to go on unnecessary picnics and swimming when caught will dance to the tune of his or her music. We need to protect our children from all sorts of troubles and evils,'' he concluded.