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Kite flying: symbol of Christ's resurrection

Apr 7, 2010, 3:40 PM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Forty days of fasting and penance has come and gone ending at the resurrection of Christ. This is summed up in the acclamation; "Christ has died, Christ is Risen, Christ will come again." This is what happened to Jesus exactly 2,010 years ago, a humble man. Just after the resurrection day, that is Easter Monday, believers gather at the beach to rejoice for their own faith that after dying they too shall resurrect thus known as witnesses to Christ who died for the world. At the beach in Banjul by the old Radio SYD, kites are mounted to show that Christ rose from the dead rising above everything else. Reverend Fr. Edward Gomez of the Assumption Cathedral in Banjul supported by his Men's Solidarity organised the kite flying and sponsored by QCell. In the same light, the Methodist Mission organised the same thing on the same day around the same area, making the day merrier with multitude of believers from different churches.

The resurrection story puts Christians on the right footing because it brings about their being Christians. Without such, Christians would not have celebrated in anyway. Christ's resurrection showed the world how life after death is pertinent. Therefore all and sundry should know about it and act in concordance with what evidence is there about man's maker. During the Lenten season, Christians were pegged to the rules of their faith leading to the joy of Easter. Christ showed His love to even unto death, when He forgave the other thief who challenged his friend and told him the truth when he had asked Jesus to free Himself if He were the son of God. The other thief gave him an answer befitting him and asked Jesus saying, "Jesus, remember me when you come into your Kingdom."  Jesus granted him his heart desire even when he knew the man was a robber. He went to heaven straight upon his death. What is greater than that high request? Today the thief is in paradise with his Saviour. Jesus is called the Saviour as many have experienced Him. Others would call Him the Giver, the Provider, the Healer and many more according to ones experience with Him on a personal or open basis. What would you call Jesus if you should give Him a name that is close to your heart? Calling Him names deserves a big deal form the individual because the individual has to create a personal friendship with the Man Jesus. It includes praying very hard; meditating on His wonders, loving others as yourself and doing what He requests from you at all times.

In a bid to follow the rule of the game, Christians gathered around the beach of Banjul to celebrate together the Risen Christ. The competition was keen and full of fun. There were several side events apart from the kite flying competition, which has been an annual event since its restoration by Fr. Edu.

Hundreds of funny kites belonging to amateur kite flyers searching the air with some coming down unable to withstand the westerly wind ready to vamp up the kites. Some had accident in the air with others those real kite flyers who had fallen flat at previous kite flying competitions had learnt the trick thus remaining in the air to clinch good positions.

Bernard Mendy and wife Lauretta Mendy of St. Kizito's Catholic Church rose higher than other competitors as their kite showed signs of no return to earth. After judging the height of the several kites, Mr and Mrs Bernard Mendy's kite emerged first. They bagged D2, 000 and the second position got D1, 000 and a consolation prize of D500. It could be recalled that three years ago, Bernard Mendy and wife were defeated by Fr. Edu, the brain behind the kite flying competition, but had to let go on technical basis to the couple since he had maintained the title consistently in the past. The Daily Observer Kite had one time won the competition as well. Mr and Mrs Joe Njie, Chairman of Stella Maris Parish won the raffle with a ticket chosen by his wife.

Talking to Mr. Leese GM Gomez, he suggested that the Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and other registered Churches should make it a point of duty to come together on Easter Monday and compete on the same point, as he noted that this was how the early Christians lived their lives as we read from the Bible.

"This will bring God's children together and interact thus people saying, 'Look how these Christians are united.'  Mama Mary Hannah Georgina also harped on the same string. She said: "I urge the religious heads to see reason to come up with such an event to enable Christians have a common forum thus achieving our aim of Christian unity. Government has long made this day, Easter Monday, a holiday. It is a pointer, that they should come together as one to show what they can achieve together as a body unified in Christ."

Rev. Fr. Edu Gomez said this year's competition was keen and it brought in many competitors. A happy Fr. Edu said: "It is a sign of growth and trust in what we do. I want to congratulate Qcell for sponsoring this year's kite flying competition. They provided quality T-Shirts, SIM cards including cash to sponsor other areas. We are very delighted about their gesture. We thank our other friends for all they did for us. We hope to improve on this activity by next year."

Easter becomes joyous due to the inner motivation of Christians. Choirs of each Church prepare very well to sing the best songs during the festive season. It becomes a combination of the joy of Easter and the music played by the choir of each Church. It becomes certain that those songs become soul moving, soul searching and soul refreshing. Most of the songs depict the love of Christ and how He suffered for mankind. Small Choirs have become outstanding competing with big choirs of The Gambia. Those who did not make their parishioners happy would need more work to do so next year.