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Kinteh's Queen of Companies Beauty Pageant to kick-start soon

Feb 26, 2010, 2:31 PM

Kinteh's Promotion and Vision has completed all preparations to have the Beauty pageant competition come March 5, 2010 at the Jarma Beach Hotel. Vision Promotion is an organized group of intellectual who are interested in establishing a conductive environment for the development of hidden talents in our society. Its aim is to provide the necessary assistance to children from poor backgrounds or with disabilities in team of school, etc so as to combat crime, abuse, social unrest, lifelong trauma, just to mention a few.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment, recently at The Point Newsroom, Mr Willian Brown, President of the Vision Promotion said the aim of the organisation is to try to bring companies together that will participate in the Queen Beauty Pageant in order to promote their companies. According to him, for any company to send a representative is free but let it be people who are interested and be able to express themselves. Vision Promotion Beauty Pageant is the first of its kind in The Gambia and is going to be an annual event. He therefore called on all companies to participate in the compition, adding that it needs people to support it because the main aim is to sponsor children from poor background interms of their school. With the support of the people, we can be a better future tomorrow for The Gambia. Mr Brown give special thanks to his sponsors and promise that priczes will be giving to three winners.

For her part, Miss Ida Jagne, CEO Vision Promotion  explained that Queen of Companies 2010 as the name depicts, is nation wide beauty with brain competion that targets young girls from the ages of 18-26 years. According to her, this competition  is organized to promote and exhibit difference in companies which will try to bring unity, understanding between difference companies and beliefs. Some of the proceeds from the event will be used to sponsor well deserved children who in one way or the other fall victim of the circumstance mention above. She noted that this will help to bring the lives of many youngsters and also contribute in creating a better future. Queen of Companies and its introduction will be done on GRTS. Your queen will do your company promotion on TV and Radio stations so as to involve the entire populace and for people in and outside the country to know what your company involves in. "We are asking all companies to send in their beauty queens as soon as possible before the actual date." This competition is base on African couture.
For any information, one can reached on 7703983, 4498105 or 9951397.

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