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Kairaba Beach Hotel rename news letter opens Ice Cream Parlor

Feb 3, 2012, 2:19 PM

The Kairaba Beach Hotel is always looking to innovate and add novelty and excitement to the products and services that they offer to their much valued guests and customers alike. This tourist season in particular, has ushered in some new looks, soul-searching and brand new concepts to enhance the Kairaba Experience.

In October we re-named our Newsletter to the Kairaba E-Bantaba, enriching the content to feature more of The Gambia’s rich and colourful history and culture.

On January 13th, we opened our newly located Ice Cream Parlor to the front of the hotel offering magnificent views of the Senegambia Palazzo to the excitement of in-house, outside guests as well as the local community always eager for novelty and innovation.. Your own special place to indulge your sweet tooth, enjoy your specialty teas and coffees and treat loved ones to pastries, gateaux and those favorite sweet nothings we all love!

The Shikra Fine Dining Restaurant, not to be out-done by other developments, also introduced this thrilling Dine and Dance Evening on Saturday nights. 
Our delectable Shikra A La Carte menu serves a wide range of international delicacies to suit even the most sophisticated palate.

The Dine and dance concept was introduced to create a special Saturday night out as a treat, in celebration or to impress. Fine Dining, sophisticated appointed decor and mood music to serenade and show off your skills on the dance floor.