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Kaiaf Upper Basic School receives donation of solar panel

Jul 7, 2017, 11:39 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

Yirabab Association in Germany has donated 35  the best students of Kiang Upper Basic School as part of its initiative to encourage best students in the said school.

Speaking at the handing over ceremony, a representative of Kaiaf village alkalo, Cherno Sanneh, said the village has nothing to say but to thank the Yirabab Association for the gesture extended to their younger brothers and sisters at the school.

Alh. Anusumana Sanneh, Chief of Kiang East district, revealed that Yirabab Association was not only helping the people of Kiang but also Jarra.

He pointed out that more than two thousand would benefit from the vegetable garden the association has been sponsoring.

Mr Sanneh also stated that the government alone could not do it all, hence the association has come up with that gesture which would greatly help their younger brothers and sisters.

Anusumana Saidy of Yirabab Association assured that they would continue to support the school and the community of Kaiaf.

Mr Saidy said there are some students that are in the school ready to learn but there was no electricity or light in Kaiaf lending credence to the donation.

Modou Bittaye, the principal of Kaiaf Upper and Senior Secondary School, said they would use the donated items in the best interest of students and commended his staff for their hard work and commitment.

 He expressed his appreciation to anyone who had positively contributed in one way or the other towards the success of the programme.

Bubacarr Ceesay, assistant head boy, gave the vote of thanks.