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Jammeh urges Guinea Bissau to shelve differences, work to entrench peace

Sep 1, 2015, 11:06 AM | Article By: Lamin Jahateh

The Gambian leader, President Yahya Jammeh, has urged all stakeholders in the political process in Guinea Bissau to put aside all differences and work to entrench peace in the crisis-prone country.

President Jammeh was speaking in Kanilai during a meeting with a parliamentary delegation to discuss the current political crisis, which arose after the sacking of former Prime Minister Domingos Simon Preira.

According to reports from the meeting, Babili Mansa has urged all citizens of Guinea Bissau to put the interest of their country first and put aside their political differences.

As an independent mediator interested in the peace and stability of the former Portuguese colony, President Jammeh said he is ready to work with peace-loving citizens of Guinea Bissau.  He vowed to continue to stand by Bissau as always in the past.

The parliamentary delegation from Guinea Bissau was in The Gambia at the invitation of the Gambian leader to discuss ways of diffusing the political crisis, and encourage dialogue among all stakeholders in the political process in Guinea Bissau.

Shortly before the coming of the parliamentary delegation, a delegation of five Guinean Bissau officials was also in The Gambia and had met President Jammeh.

Political analysts said President Jammeh has excellent relations with President Mario Vaz, and can play an excellent role to reconcile the two parties.

Since 1994, Jammeh has been playing a crucial role in promoting peace and reconciliation in Guinea Bissau by personally facilitating dialogue among all the players during the various periods of the country’s crises from 1994 to date.