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Jammeh distributes over 28,000 bags of sugar to Muslims

Jul 24, 2012, 1:02 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

As part of his annual gift to Muslims, President Yahya Jammeh yesterday distributed a total of 28, 500 bags of sugar to Muslims across the country.

The sugar distribution, done through the regional governors for onward distribution, was held at the State House grounds in Banjul.

The beneficiaries are as follows: KMC 4,500 bags, BCC 2,100, West Coast Region, 3,500, North Bank Region 4,000, Lower River Region 2,100, Central River Region 2,500, Upper River Region 3,500, Interior wives association 300, Armed Forces wives association 300, security services 3000, the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council 1,000 and the Yai compins through the National Mobiliser 1,000.

Speaking at the distribution ceremony, President Jammeh condemned what he referred to as the commercialization of Islam by certain members of the Islamic Ummah.

According to him, some members of the Islamic Ummah are now commercializing the dead, marriage ceremonies, recitation of the Holy Quran, among others.

He said Muslims are not doing things for the sake of the Almighty Allah or Islam, but instead they are doing so for the sake of money or material gains.

The Gambian leader stated that he would never be a party to anything that would destroy the good name of The Gambia and Islam in particular, noting that he was giving out sugar to the Muslim Ummah in the name of Islam.

“Commercialization of any form in Islam is un-Islamic; so  when you have something and your neighbours don’t have, share it with him or her for the sake of Islam,” he said, noting that most parents now allow their sons and daughters to do things that are un-Islamic.

“As Muslims, we need to do things based on the principles of Islam and nothing else,” he stated, adding that as Muslims, we would one day be judged by the Almighty Allah for our deeds in this world.

The Gambian leader went on to urge the Muslim Ummah, and Gambians in general, to be content with what the Almighty Allah gave them as Muslims.

On the distribution of the sugar, he urged all regional governors to distribute the sugar without any problems.

The Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, Dr. Njogu Bah, said for the distribution of sugar by President Jammeh is not a new thing as he has been doing so for long.

Lamin Waa Juwara, Minister of Regional Administration, Lands and Traditional Rulers, and Yankuba Colley, the APRC National Mobiliser, both commended President Jammeh for his generosity towards the Muslim Ummah.

Lamin Queen Jammeh, Governor of the North Bank Region (NBR) thanked President Jammeh on behalf of his colleagues for putting in place a tradition geared towards assisting the people of this country.

He assured the Gambian leader that the sugar will be distributed fairly to the people.