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Jalikebba on European Tour

Jun 26, 2009, 7:06 AM

The Gambia much-talked about Afro-Manding artist, Jalikebba, fondly called 'Young Jaliba' is currently on a musical tour in the European countries.

According to information sent to Entertainment, the Gambian Afro-manding celebrity will started his music entertainment tour in Germany, from where he would proceed to Holland and then to Switzerland to give them the much of the traditional and modern African music.

During his tour, Jalikebba will feature his new album entitled 'Ding-Ding Malu'.

The Gambian afro-manding artist will leave all traditional music lovers in The Gambia to scramble for the new album in the market while it will be hitting the streets of Europe and it has been the subject of discussion on account of its melodious tunes.

However, the Kora maestro with his fusion of traditional and modern African music will bring together a mixture of styles where the culmination will be an exciting, vibrant and soulful genre of modern African music.

Jalikebba and his band also perform art festival, cultural events as well as tourists ventures.

Jalikebba took the opportunity to thank the children and his fans in the country who are always interested in watching his Janfalla video clip whenever the clip is played on the TV.