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"Jack et Le TAKEIFA" is Back

Jun 12, 2009, 7:04 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

The Takeifa group that went on a musical tour in Europe and some parts of Africa are back in The Gambia in full force to entertain and leave fans wondering about their talent. They will be starting to hit steadily at the Alliance Franco-Gambienne with their varied taste in music on 19th June 2009 at 09pm.

Their rhythm and the atmosphere will occasion everyone to be in a festive mood. 'Jac et le Takeifa' means an African music with a subtle Senegalese scent. But it also means a very open music because it has managed to integrate a variety of music from the Diaspora, Europe and the American continent (Afro, Afro - Mandinka, Zouk, Reggae, Soul, Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Latino etc...) Their music is fine for all moments of life, lively music that makes people move.

Artist as from father to son the group Jac et le Takeifa is composed of brothers and sisters from the same family.

The Father Sheikhna Keita is a superintendent and has artistic talents that he does not reveal. During his stay in Kolda, in southern Senegal, his son's (Jacques) admirers stirred during rap concerts. That is because he is a singer who does not just scream texts. He abandoned the football career he wanted to embark on. He knows that 'Hip hop' is a much open activity, but he also knows that it requires many effort and strictness.

When the family came back to Dakar around 1998, the common resolution was to strengthen Jacques' musical base. In 1999, he registered his first model "Djily." While his father was in Fatick on postings, the second model "Jamm" was out.

The family decided to form a real musical group around Jacques. In Fatick, they held many workshops and employed musicians, such as percussionist and a guitarist. The father ensured all the expenses thus everybody in the family renounced their career and joined Jacques.

The children asked their father to provide the group with texts.

The mother has developed a sense of music with her neighbours in Saint -Louis and is the counsellor of the group.

What is important for now are not receipts or a fleeting fame but to fulfil together a dream of a family by working very hard.

Come and see this group on stage and see how a family can be united on stage by entertaining their fans for only D100 from 9pm to the wee wee hours at Alliance Franco-Gambian.