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‘Islam gives no one authority to harm others’ says youth president of Ahmadiyya

Jan 5, 2016, 10:24 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

The national youth president of Ahmadiyya, Tahir Ahmad Touray, has revealed that Islam is a peaceful religion and gives no authority to anyone to harm others.

He made the statement on Friday at the 32nd annual national Ijtema of Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya held at Nusrat Senior Secondary School in Bundung.It was attended by Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat from across The Gambia.

Touray said the great philosophy of the teaching of Islam is peace so any Muslim who thoroughly follows the philosophy will not deal with anyone who advocates violence or preaches hate in any form.

“Violence, hate, disorder, killing of innocent Muslims and non-Muslims happen today all over the world.These crimes are being committed by people who called themselves Muslims while such a practice is very much hateful in the side of God,” he said.

“Muslims should never be guilty of such a crime, the greetings alone show us that Islam indeed is a very peaceful religion,Islam gives no authority to anyone to harm others who do not belong to Islam,Islam does not give authority to condemn others who do not subscribed to the Islamic faith,Islam does not give authority to anyone to go to Basir to killed innocent people for no justifiable reason,” Mr Touray further added,

The national youth president of Ahmadiyya said Islam give everyone the free will to adopt whatever way the person wants to adopt.

“It is very clear that no one has the monopoly of God; nobody owns God,God create all of us including those who belong to other religions and those who do not practice any religion,The duty of the follower of any religion is to call people to that God that we share,” he affirmed. “But nobody has the responsibility of forcing anybody to adopt your religion.Today, there is too much trouble in the world all because of religion.”

Mr Touray said:“From the study of religious book especially the perfect of book the Holy Qur’an, it is very clear that religion most especially Islam is not the cause of any violence, hate, disorder, or killing of innocent people anywhere in the world.

“Islam is the only religion by Prophet Muhammad.We have to go back to what God instructed us which is ‘if you have dispute among yourselves, refer it to God and his messenger Muhammad’.Why all these differences among us? Why all these hatred? Why these killings of non-Muslims and fellow Muslims? The Muslim themselves are so disunited.”