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Interesting Weekend Matches at S/k West

Aug 14, 2008, 6:21 AM | Article By: By Sainabou Kujabi

The annual Nawettan tournament is a well-contested and competitive championship featuring teams from around the communities staging the event.

Being so far the only tournament that gives members of the community a sense of belonging and zeal to troop in numbers to Nawettan playing grounds to support their teams, it is always much awaited by commuters as in the case of Serrkunda West. This is one of the major Nawettan centres in the country.

The Serrkunda West championship which kicked off over the week and looks like the place to be over the weekend as very interesting and appetising matches are expected to take place.

As part of the group matches of the weekend encounters of the  Serrekunda West  Nawettan, Saalbi will meet Gamstar on Friday.

Other interesting encounters will include Pipeline against Ajax Saturday morning.  Super cup champions, Tigers will meet Ngoyan in the mid afternoon encounter.  Kanifing United, defending champions of the League, will clash with the Ebo-town side, Unicorns, later in the evening.

On Sunday, Jollof will meet Old Hand at 9am and newcomer's Cambell town will meet the formidable Gintos FC at 3pm.  Gintos grabbed a 2-1 victory over Luzan in the opening of the group matches.

Kanifing Estate will take on Jeshwang United at 5pm.