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Intercontinental Airways Set for Operations in The Gambia

May 14, 2008, 6:57 AM | Article By: By Nfamara Jawneh

In what could be described as a welcome development in the Gambian airline industry and a cause of joy and hope for travellers, a new airline known as Intercontinental Airways will be opening soon, this paper can confirm.

The officials of the new airline yesterday briefed journalists at the head office adjacent to the Fajara war cemetry on the operations of the airline whose slogan is 'Connecting the World.'

Mr Aziz Willan, who chaired the briefing session, expressed his conviction that with the coming of Intercontinental Airways the country's air transportation industry will recieve a big boost. The launching of the new airline, he said, would facilitate and consolidate the country's resolve to provide solutions in accessing and connecting nation states and communities.  "As concerned Africans, improvement in the areas of air transport is one critical challenge requiring our concerted efforts in driving the investment and expansion of our respective economies. This brings me to the role of ECOWAS here in our sub-region," Mr Willan remarked before extending warm welcome to the new airline to The Gambia.

The Managing Director of the airline, Captain Walter Okakpu, stated that the airline's coming to The Gambia is a moment of extreme joy for all air travellers. He said that their airline is safe and cost-effective.  "We have [a commitment] to maintain safety, that's why we choose The Gambia as the country's aviation industry is also effective," he explained.

He revealed that they have a lot of innovative packages for prospective customers, such as free flights. "Initially we will be operating with foreign pilots while our pilots undergo training.  This is a unique opportunity for those who want to work hard to come and join us," he said, assuring customers of effective and reliable customer satisfaction.

Captain Henry Ogunyemi, Chief Executive Officer of the airline, said that customers could buy their tickets from Guaranty Trust Bank, IBC or better still purchase it much cheaper on the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Commenting on the logistics, Captain Ogunyemy disclosed that they have two 737 aircraft, one of which would commence flying on June 15th 2008.  Their planes, he added, would be flying to seven destinations including Freetown, Dakar, Abijan, Accra and Lome. This, he noted, would be followed by another seven destinations among which would be Ireland, Jedda, US, UK, Dubai, among others.  "For Continental Airways, we are here to stay," he assured.

 The historic occasion was attended by the Managing Directors of Guaranty Trust Bank and International Bank for Commerce.