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Indecent dressing

Feb 2, 2012, 12:38 PM

The way of dressing seen in today’s Gambia suggests that our youth may be losing their moral compass.

It therefore makes the teaching of good morals to our youths quite pertinent today, more than ever before.

We are particularly concerned about the indecent way of dressing, particularly by our young boys and girls.

For girls, short skirts and dresses which expose their bodies is the order of the day, while for the boys showing their underwear is the fashion in today’s Gambia.

It has become more evident that our youths need more orientation as Africans, since those they tend to copy have a different culture.

Life skills training, such orientation is key in this cause, and we admonish the relevant institutions look into the matter with great urgency.

We are deeply concerned about the growing culture of indecent way of dressing among Gambian youths.

We equally worry that the trend is turning Gambian society into an amoral and un-African society.

The behaviour of our young ones and some older ones is beginning to give the country a very bad image, and all efforts should be deployed to avert the situation.

Most worrisome is the prevailing trend, among our youths, who expose themselves, wearing clothes that reveal their buttocks and other private parts.

Western influence and globalisation must not be allowed to change our culture, and the problem calls for the collaborative efforts of parents, scholars, religious groups and relevant government departments, to address the issue.