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In treason trial, DPP furnishes court with documents

Apr 14, 2010, 11:19 AM | Article By: Soury Camara

The Director of Public Prosecutions Richard Chenge yesterday, among other things, furnished the court and defence counsel with a bundle of printouts of telephone calls, and an article that was reportedly published by one Kukoi Samba Sanyang.

This came after Monday's adjournment at the instance of the DPP, who said he wanted to supply the court with documents to be printed from the internet, in relation to the ongoing treason trial involving Lt. General Lang Tombong Tamba and seven others.

Defence Lawyer Pap Cheyassin Secka, reacted to the additional summary of evidence supplied to the court by the DPP.

"We are served with two separate documents this morning. I have not counted the pages, but I believe it is more than 100 pages, which is being filed by the state."

"It would be most irresponsible on our part to pretend that we can defend our clients' interest in the face of such a voluminous document," he argued.

Counsel Secka went on to state that the prosecution had last Friday and Monday wasted court's time, not withstanding the fact that their clients are in custody and that counsel have very limited time to study the documents, and to take instructions from the accused persons.

"Having regard to this, we have forgone all other responsibilities to focus on this case. We are accepting the service of these documents today," he pointed out.

However, counsel submitted "I am applying to this court for an adjournment of the matter to Friday 16th April 2010, so that the defence will have time to study the documents, consult with our clients and prepare our defence."

"We want to make sure that our clients are given proper representation," the defence counsel further submitted.

DPP Chenge, in response to defence counsel's submission noted that the documents are from an automatic machine.

"I don't want to ambush the defence counsel, and we are not objecting to counsel's application since we understand their predicament and, in light of that, we want them to prepare for their defence."

Justice Armadi ruled that in the interest of justice "I will grant the application," and then urged the DPP to serve the counsel with the remaining documents.

The hearing was then adjourned to Friday 16th April 2010 to give defence counsel time to study the additional summary of evidence as produced by the state.