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In the ambit of prayer, tolerance and peace

Feb 19, 2016, 10:55 AM

The independence message of the President touches on many aspects of good omen associated with our nation.

In the first place, the message calls on all in the country to continue to hold on to prayer as we are a God-fearing people.

“What is appropriate for us as a God-fearing nation is to devote this occasion to prayers and expression of gratitude to Allah SWT both for our achievements as a nation under my government and for the peace and security that Allah has blessed this nation with.”

It stated that our faith as a nation provides us with the solid basis to live together as brothers and sisters, love each other, care for each other and protect each other.

“We are further grateful to Allah that we have been able to demonstrate these national characteristics through our culture of inter-ethnic and interreligious tolerance that has been the envy of many nations,” the statement said.

As the President rightly stated, we should endeavour to guard and maintain these God-given traits so that our atmosphere of peace, security and tranquility will progress towards eternity.

Every day we see violence and war and hear rumours of war rambling across the world mainly for lack of justice and tolerance, such as in countries like Mali, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Ukraine and Turkey.

“Such ungodly disturbances, conflicts and mayhem are the enemies of development,” the independence statement emphasized. “Thus our development aspirations, visions and ideals can only be attained through total submission to the WILL OF THE ALMIGHTY ALLAH by worshiping Him and Him alone, doing what is right, shunning evil and satanic tendencies, being pious, truthful and repentant.”

“It is, therefore, essential we as a people continue to renew our commitment and dedication to our religions with sincerity and steadfastness and our resolve to be independent from the temptations and influences of SATAN.”

The independence massage is, indeed, one of self-reflection and renewal of our commitment to our Creator as much as we shun the creature of evil and despair.

“Without this continual quest to be closer to Allah SWT and to be distant and freer from the machinations ofSATAN, we will all be found wanting in the realization of our needs, objectives and wishes both as individuals and as a nation. We should therefore constantly pray to Allah SWT to protect us from evil and to subject us to His will and bless us with His bountiful mercy.”

In the ambit of prayer, tolerance and peace, we shall defy all evil and surmount the challenges of national development to attain an ever advancing nation, economically, politically, socially and in other facets.

“Never forget the three powerful resources you always have available to you: love, prayer, and forgiveness.”

H. Jackson Brown Jr.