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In need of political reforms!

Apr 15, 2013, 11:10 AM

In our view, there is absolute need for political reforms in The Gambia.

Reforms, such as the direct election of regional governors and district chiefs by the people, should be effected to ensure these national trustees are accountable to their people.

Currently, governors and chiefs in The Gambia are appointed by the President and as a result most of them are not answerable to the people.

Since they are not elected by the people they govern, some of these governors and chiefs feel very powerful of themselves hence behave in ways and manners that leave much to be desired.

Leaders, such as governors and chiefs, are expected to support their rural people improve their living standard morally and politically and not to do otherwise or behave as kings.

Our argument can be justified if the country is to conduct elections for governors and chiefs. Many of the governors and chiefs who benefit from appointment today, would lose woefully if they had contested in an election for their posts - there is no doubt about it.

This therefore tells us that by virtue of their performance some of the governors and chiefs are no more popular in their regions.

As direct representatives of the executives at the local level, governors and chiefs must behave in the best interest of the people since those who appoint them are themselves elected by the people to serve them.

We, therefore, suggest that governors and chiefs be elected directly by the people, which would make them more accountable to the people.