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Importance of data

Sep 27, 2011, 1:07 PM

Data collection is a good indicator for any development, since without accurate data it would be very difficult for economic development to take place

We, therefore, emphasize the need for accurate data in our various departments and agencies.

When we have accurate data easily available, it can help policy makers and other development partners to always refer to it and make informed decisions.

One of the problems confronting development in Africa today is that some times researchers find it difficult to get the right data from institutions, simply because of poor record keeping.

Record keeping is fundamental for both government departments and the private-sector.

It is also important for the private sector to share data with government; this would greatly help in its development agenda.

The bureaucratic nature of accessing government data also needs to be looked into, since it can slow the development process.

We need to open up our doors for researchers and development partners in sharing relevant development data.

More researchers and organizations should be encouraged to undertake certain research in the country.

This will help us better in dealing with matters at hand.

The findings of such research should also be shared with other relevant development partners.

Accurate data helps in planning, designing and implementing projects.