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Impasse grip SK East Congress

Jul 19, 2017, 1:27 PM | Article By: Lamin Gibba

The much-awaited Serrekunda East Sports Development Organization (SESDO) congress ended in an impasse leading to its cancellation on Sunday.

Speaking after the cancellation, Mamudou Lamin Jawla, said it took too long for KM sport to resolve the matter, adding: “We from the National Sports Council have a chapter which is why we gave KM Sport the mandate to go ahead, but they were not able to do it.”

Jawla revealed that this was why they took up the matter; form a committee within the NSC who were very neutral in their investigation that involved all parties.

He added that they then wrote a report that was sent to the KM Sport recommending the committee to abide by the findings of the investigation.

Jawla noted that all those affected in SESDO are part of the KM Sport committee.

For his part, Nyawuru Comma, in his remarks, linked the committee to the zone’s funds.

Gibou Saidy, a member of the committee, said the KM Sport dissolving their committee without writing to them “is very disappointing”.