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Imam Jatta Manjang Preaches Peace

Nov 22, 2019, 1:38 PM

In his usual Friday sermon, the Imam of Bumari village central mosque in Kiang Central, LRR, Imam Jatta Manjang fondly called Duwa Jabbi Moro, last Friday called on all Gambians, particularly the youth; to nurture the culture of peace, tolerance and good neighbourliness, stressing that it is important for neighbours to live in peace and harmony.

Imam Manjang dwelt on the significance of peace noting that there cannot be any proper worship of Allah neither meaningful development in the absent of peace.

He added that Islam is a religion of love and peace and as a good Muslim you should stay away from hatred and have a tolerant attitude which is essential for humanity. He recommends that every Muslim tenet prohibit hurting the innocent people particularly their neighbour in the same religion or not.

The Imam used the sermon to encourage all Muslims and Christians to live in peace. “We should love, respect and help each other so as to live in peace and harmony,” he said. Adding that it is very important for neighbours to live in peace and harmony no matter what religion you belong to.

Imam Manjang did not leave out the youth, whom he urged to be law-abiding, respect the elders and be helpful to their parents. He also exhorted them to be hardworking. He finally prayed for peace and prosperity for the people and government of The Gambia and the Muslim Ummah.