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I'll no Longer Tolerate Corruption - President Jammeh

May 12, 2008, 5:28 AM | Article By: By Abba Gibba on Tour

The seemingly intractable issue of corruption has yet again resurfaced in the discourse of President Jammeh as he continues to deliver speech after speech in the ongoing Dialogue with the People tour. In another stern warning to all civil servants in the country, the President has emphatically stated that time has come when he could no longer brook any form of corruption, adding that "there will be no clemency in dealing with culprits.

The Gambian leader, who is on record for exhorting civil servants to do their work properly or face the possibility of being sacked, maintained that he would do his utmost to instil discipline in public servants by guiding them to know how to adhere to due process. "I will do all it takes to put public servants in order and teach them how to adhere to due process so that they would work in the interest of the nation", he said.

"I want to make it clear that time has come when I will no more tolerate corruption of all forms. There will be no more 'Maslaha' in the system now. You either do your work or get kicked out," he warned.

Speaking at meeting after meeting in nearly 20 villages now and after inspecting almost every major rice field, President Jammeh asserted that public servants should believe in the principles of truth, honesty, loyalty and integrity. "This," he added, "should be the hallmark of their character if they are to work for the interest of the nation."

The Gambian leader reaffirmed his commitment to always serve the country with clean heart, but stressed that collective effort is needed to make The Gambia the best place. "Anytime I betray this country, let God ruin me," he swore.

The President reiterated his call for people to go back to the land, noting that the failure of the people to take to agriculture would always have negative impact on them.

Himself a farmer, President Jammeh continues to demonstrate the wisdom of what many describe as leadership by the highest example, to the effect that many credit him with being one of the hardworking Presidents in the sub-region.

Justifying the aptness of his credentials to hold the position of Chief Executive of the government, Mr Jammeh said: "The Gambian people will never know me but only God knows my intentions for this country. Support me to make this country the best place."

He explained that he took over the portfolio as Secretary of State for Agriculture because he believed that all the previous holders of the position have failed to deliver as expected of them, maintaining that he would never give back that position to any other person.

Mr Jammeh enthused that the coveted goal of food self-sufficient in The Gambia is attainable if people take up the only route, unreserved commitment to participation in agriculture. To this end he advised officials of the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) to be ready to forsake their offices for the fields in order make impact.

Meanwhile, President Jammeh will today continue his tour with a visit to the Teachers quarters in Tankular, Lower River Region, and hold a meeting there, visit the newly built Kalagi Police Station before proceeding to his home village of Kanilai where he is expected to spend the night.

President Jammeh and entourage will tomorrow visit Ndemban farm project and hold a meeting there and then visit the Sibanor water pyramid.

From the start of the tour last week Monday, President Jammeh has reportedly doled out over D2m to people, including schools.