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I was mistakenly arrested - Malick Jones

May 21, 2008, 6:44 AM

Mr. Malick Jones, suspended Principal Producer at GRTS Radio, yesterday informed this paper that his publicised arrest was as a result of a mistake. Mr Jones said this following his release from detention.

Speaking to The Point shortly after his 24-hour detention, Mr. Jones maintained that he bore no hard feelings against any with regards to the matter. "It is God that that has decreed that I will have to go through this ordeal. And I thank Allah for that. I have forgiven anyone that might have participated in this matter. And I thank everybody that prayed for me. I had done a lot for my country, and I would continue to do that. I will always remain a patriot," he posited.

Asked as to why he was arrested, Mr. Jones explained that he was not even informed of the reason(s) as to why he was picked up.

Mr. Jones was picked up by agents of state security on Monday afternoon and detained at Banjul Police Station only to be released in the following morning.