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I was instructed by Minister Ousman Sonko to prosecute Burama Dibba - Ex-Police chief tells court

Oct 3, 2012, 9:14 AM | Article By: Bakary Samateh

Former police chief Ensa Badjie yesterday said that it was the Interior Minister, Ousman Sonko, who told him that the former crime management coordinator (CMC) Burama Dibba should be prosecuted, as he (Sonko) had received executive directives for him to be prosecuted.

Badjie testified at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court before Principal Taiwo Ade Alagbe, while continuing his defence testimony in the case involving him and Tijan Badjie, former officer commanding prosecution unit Banjul Division.

The two are standing trial on a four-count charge of conspiracy to defeat justice, destroying evidence, abuse of office and deceiving witnesses.

Ex-IGP Badjie told the court that it was Minister Ousman Sonko who also told him that Wuyeh Sanneh, a military officer at the Office of the President, and Victor Demba, an NIA officer at the Office of the President arrested Burama Dibba.

He added that after Minister Sonko told him that Burama Dibba should be prosecuted, he passed the message to the then deputy Inspector General of Police.

Badjie added that Burama Dibba was prosecuted for giving false information to a public officer, because he was the one who interviewed Musa Susso on audio cassettes and the audio cassettes was conveyed to the President’s office by Benedict Jammeh, then IGP.

He added that Burama Dibba investigated the then Director of Prisons, David Colley, further stating that former NDEA boss Bun Sanneh and David Colley were accused by some female officers of sexual harassment.

He said that Musa Susso further accused David Colley of abusing his office.

When asked by his counsel to tell the court the kind of abuse of office, Badjie told the court that David Colley was accused by Musa Susso of converting to personal use the satellite disc given to the prisons by one Ndey Conteh.

He said Musa Susso also claimed that he painted two prison trucks, and that David Colley brought the carcass of a bull to the prison, which meat was consumed resulting in the death of many inmates at the State Central Prison Mile 2.

Musa Susso was later investigated, and it was found out that all what he had said was not true.

“At that time, I had no power to stop prosecuting Burama Dibba. I called Minister Ousman Sonko in the presence of the second accused, Tijan Badjie, on loud-speaker,” Badjie added.

He said he had no personal problems with Burama Dibba, neither Benedict Jammeh nor Musa Susso.

Burama Dibba was later charged with giving false information to a public officer, but was later acquitted and discharged by the court,” Ensa Badjie further stated.

The cast at that juncture was adjourned till 9 October 2012.